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Fader Master Sound Studios is the collaborative efforts of partners, Shawn Cole, Daniel Byrne, and Paul Boechler. The studios are located in Vancouver, Canada inside the former, Little Mountain Sound Studios. The partners have been creating sounds for all types of projects since the doors opened in 2007 at their former East Vancouver location on Commercial Drive.

We're a music production studio, and purveyors of fine sound design libraries and services.

  • Sound Recording & Engineering 
  • Audio & Music Editing, Transfers, Archival & Restoration 
  • Music Production
  • Project Pre-Production
  • Music & Post Production Mixing
  • Commercial Sound Design

Fader Master takes pride in its unique approach to music production, and always finds interesting new ways to create and capture new sounds. Contact us anytime about how we can help make your project happen or sound even better.

 Fader Mountain

Fader Mountain

We're also a part of what's known as, Fader Mountain Sound - a collective of fine studios, all in one place.